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"Don't wait till your old to see what reward awaits you in the box. Open the box now."

The fact is: getting rich slow is for the birds. In fact, if the slow poke approach ever does make you rich, it'll only be near the end of your life, when the birds will be
circling you, anticipating your demise.

The value of a reward must be assessed in terms of the inputs (risk, time, energy, misery required to obtain it) and the time left to fully (alive, coherent and healthy) partake of the reward.

Do not try to get rich if you will take the slow path. It would be better to delude yourself that you are already rich then take the get rich slow approach.

Getting rich quick is not easy, but is indeed a wise concept. The problem is not the ends (objective), but the goofy means/strategies hucksters offer (penny stocks, oil wells, currency trading, commodities, their over-priced seminars/videos/books, etc.) as the solution.

There are many things that will help you get rich quicker but are anything but bogus (e.g, cutting your costs - is that a scam idea? No. Does it make you richer, quicker? Yes!).

The best way to get wealthy fast is to use a mix of legitimate strategies and tools.

Here are some tools to help you get rich sooner:


Books On Personal Finance

Camping Sites Of The Rich - That Are Dirt Cheap

Cheap Cell Phones The Rich Use - Reviews And Deals

Cheap Clothing That Looks And Feels Rich

Cologne That Will Make You Feel Wealthy Now

Ezine That Will Help You Get Rich Asap

Form Filler Software That Will Save You Time (think wealthy: time is money)

Funny Jokes - Laugh Your Way To The Bank


Horse Tips - Own A Horse And Appear Rich

Web Host Reviews - Run A Site Online


Income From Home

Money Making Tips

Motivational Quotes

Mystery Shopping - Paid Surveys - Extra Income

Personal Finance Faq

Personal Finance Software

Personal Finance Tips And News

Proofreading Service - Edit Your Site and Documents

Santa Store - Cheap Presents That Seem Expensive

Sweepstakes - Free To Enter (no cost site)

Travel In Style On A Very Low Budget

Western Books - The First Entrepreneurs

Western Movies - Rugged Individualistic Spirit


"Don't wait till your old to see what reward lies in the box. Open the box now."


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